I am licensed by Tandridge Council to look after dogs in my home for overnight boarding.  Home boarding is an alternative to kennels which is less stressful for your dog. They get love, care and attention and a home from home, plus the luxury of 2 walks per day.


• I offer a calm loving environment to care for your dog as part of our family.


• Text updates and photos will be provided during their stay, and any concerns will be communicated to you.


• Drop off and pick up times are fairly flexible and a collection service may also be available on request (additional cost see pricing) Cost is based on a 24hr period i.e. 8am to 8am.


• In advance of first time boarding, we will arrange an introductory visit to my home to ensure you and your dog are comfortable with the environment and care arrangements.  Its also important to ensure that your dog gets on well with other dogs in my care. We will go through your requirements and the relevant paperwork.


• All vaccinations and annual booster must be up to date to protect all of the dogs in my care.  A valid certificate must be held for Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Pavo Virus, and it’s also advisable for your dog to be protected against Kennel Cough.  Dogs must be treated for fleas and wormed.


• Please provide your dogs own bed and food


For the safety of all dogs in my care I do not take bitches in season or un-neutered males over 7 months old for home boarding.

Dog Boarding Booking Form:  Download PDF